Sunday, December 2, 2007

Spaghetti and Bean Balls

Veganomicon strikes again! I spent the day putting insulation in the attic, so Vegan Mom and Vegan Mom-in-Law swung into action and made tonight's tasty meal. It was a grand success, and everyone (especially the kids) bolted it down like it was their last meal. The bean balls were tender but still held their shape (though we decided (as an autonomous collective) to keep them out of the sauce until right before they were served, lest they sog), and the marinara was the perfect. Thanks, Isa!

I know some people hate to see pics of food with no recipes, but hopefully this will encourage you to support vegan chefs and the cookbooks they write.


Nicolette said...

There isn't much to say about the Spaghetti (since I don't have the book nor the recipe) but It resembles a family diner's food menu so despite your saying that you don't know much, this looks pretty cool for a vegan dad!

I just wanted to say that i'm a veg teenager and it's fun seeing a vegan dad cooking up things for his kids, and also to look forward to your vegan gingerbread house, that would be a super cool thing for the kids/teens.

mustardseed said...

Hi Vegan Dad! I'm Melissa, a 14 year old Singaporean. I love your posts! They're not too hard for a kid like me to do.

Your kids must really enjoy every homecooked meal!

Anna said...

personally I hate seeing recipes from cookbooks posted online, I wonder why no one seems to take copyright into account anymore. I would much rather read about the good recipes and see the pictures and then go and buy the book myself (but then I am a cookbook addict!).

I made this recipe last week and really enjoyed it too, I agree about not wanting the bean balls to go soggy!

Happy Herbivore said...

I'm sorry if I am double posting! the internet hates me today!

I know what I'm making out of 'Nomicon this week!
p.s. I made artichokes last night (yes the fresh kind) esp for you

The kids will love them, promise!

Gaia said...

My kids would love that dish too!
I haven't finished looking at every page of Veganomicon but I'll look out for that recipe now !

Thanks for mentionning it, Vegan Dad!

VeggieGirl said...

wow, Vegan Mom and Vegan Mom-in-Law certainly did a fine job making the Spaghetti and Beanballs dish - it looks quite scrumptious!! and yes, people should definitely buy Veganomicon and support the chefs - it's worth it! :0)

Alexis said...

Anna -- recipe ingredient lists don't fall under copyright, and the instructions can (and must) be re-written, but the bulk of them are technical descriptions of what to do that can't be avoided, so rewritten instructions are usually similar to the originals.

I don't mind pics without recipes sometimes, but I actually think that people unfamiliar with Isa are more likely to buy V-Con if they can try out a recipe from it themselves and see that it's really good. So I would support posting at least some V-Con recipes (and yes, I have already bought the book).

I used to read Dreena Burton's blog, but she won't post recipes, and I didn't know if the recipes really were as good as they looked, so I just ended up really frustrated that I saw all this possibly nice food and couldn't make it, and her blog ended up seeming like a way to make you buy her books rather than a way to communicate. I probably will buy her books eventually but if the recipes had been posted I would probably have tried them out and maybe prioritized it higher.

Vegan Dad said...

Isa has posted about 6 recipes from Veganomicon at this link (