Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Irish Pizza

Irish Pizza? Yes! This is pizza re-imagined with traditional Irish sausage and potato pie ingredients (plus a few others). I have never had potatoes on pizza before, but it just seemed like a good idea. Turns out, it is a good idea. If you are looking for something a little different then give this pizza pie from the Emerald Isle a try.

White Sauce
- 3 tbsp margarine
- 1.5 tbsp flour
- 1 cup plain soy milk
- 3/4 tsp dried thyme
- 1/2 tsp sage
- salt and pepper to taste

- 8 oz sliced white mushrooms
- 1 tbsp olive oil
- 1/2 tsp dried thyme
- dash of salt and pepper

- 2-3 small Yukon gold potatoes
- 2-3 breakfast sausages, sliced into 1/4" pieces
- 1 cup chopped baby spinach
- 1 12" pizza crust

I baked my pizza on the BBQ on a pizza stone atop 4 soup cans. I set the temperature to about 500 degrees. You can also bake it in an oven at the same temperature.
1. Make the white sauce: heat margarine in a small pot over medium heat. Add flour and whisk for 1 min. Whisk in soy milk, add spices, and season with salt and pepper. Bring to bubbling, whisking constantly. Remove from heat and put in the fridge to bring the sauce down to room temperature.
2. Toss mushrooms in olive oil, thyme, and salt. Transfer to a stoneware baking sheet and roast on the BBQ (atop the baking stone), or in the oven, for 15 mins, or until mushrooms are browned.
3. While mushroom are roasting, slice potatoes very thinly. Boil in salted water for 1 min, then drain and rinse with cold water to keep them from cooking any more. Drain and pat dry.
4. Remove white sauce from fridge and whisk smooth. Spread on top of pizza crust. Top with chopped spinach and sausage. Top that with mushrooms and potato slices. Lightly spray top with olive oil and bake for 10-12 mins, or until crust and potatoes are nicely browned.


Ron-Kat said...

Sorry to bother you with what be a time-wasting question but there's no search function. :-)

I'm wondering what 'breakfast sausages' are?


Vegan Dad said...

Oh, drat, I forgot the link to the sausages. I have fixed it now. Also, there should be a "search this blog" box in the very top left (or am I the only one who sees it as the blog administrator?).

Jan Scholl said...

so what do you suggest for a substitute for the mushrooms? those things have sent me to the ER a couple of times! I can't imagine leaving nothing there.

btw-my favorite pizza is garlic and peanut butter!

Anonymous said...

I love potato on pizza...although I have never put it on homemade now I might...

VeggieGirl said...

Oooh, LOVE the mix of Italian and Irish cuisine, all in one meal :0)

Vegan Dad said...

Hmmmm, good question. The mushrooms were awesome, but sertainly not worth a trip to the ER. I suppose you could go for more of an Irish stew taste and roast wedges of onion and cloves of garlic (actually, this would be a pretty good addition to the recipe above). I think roasted leeks would also be good. You could also roast carrots, but I am not sure what I think about the carrot+pizza dough taste--might be a little weird.

wikberg said...

I've been planning to make a potato pizza tonight since yesterday! Great minds think alike, and all that.
Mine's an effort to use up baby-shower-tea-sandwich ingredients, though. I have vegan cream cheese with lemon and dill added, and tons of parsley and dill. I'm going to make a pesto with the herbs, so the base will be the pesto and the cream cheese. Then the potato and a few leftover cherry tomatoes... I can't wait!

Carrie said...

Oh wow, what a creative idea for a pizza!

Alice (in Veganland) said...

I love pizza and I love potatoes: I don't see how this could go wrong. And I also think that roasted garlic would be a nice addition!

Katie said...

OMG that looks SOOOOO Good - I have to make it!

Agathe said...

I'm planning to do a pizza tomorrow, i take the white sauce idea !

Ron-Kat said...

Hi Vegan Dad,

Thanks for the sausage link (no pun intended :-) ).

Yes, I can see the search feature in the top left corner there. My inexperience with blogspot had me looking down the right-hand side of the blog side for it.

I can't wait to make this pizza, it looks really delicious. Thanks for putting it up (and all your other goodies. As a 'vegan dad' and family cook, I really appreciate your time and effort).

Ron from DownUnder

Erin said...

Oh my, that is pizza heaven! I have to stop looking at it now, or I might start licking the screen.

Happy Herbivore! said...

glad to see im not the only one diggin' on mushrooms lately! this pizza is great - and I love the idea of it. Hell yes Irish can be pizza!

Janet said...

This pizza looks great. I especially like the idea of a non-tomato sauce.

John R. Maass said...

Shouldn't there by Jameson's somewhere in this recipe?

Vegan Dad said...

Yeah, and some brown sauce!

alaskaVeg*n said...

I made this last night & it was great! Thanks for another terrific recipe.

Emily said...

my girlfriend made this last night and it was fantastic. unfortunately didn't have any spinach but it was still really great. we also sliced up some ready-made vegan chorizo sausage for in place of the breakfast sausages- so i guess she made an irish/mexican pizza. i echo the roasted garlic sentiment- roasted garlic would be great on this pizza.

The Red Menace said...

When I first moved to South Korea, where they put potatoes on pizza all the time, I thought it was strange... but now it's my favorite topping! They use "jo-jo" style wedges, but I think potato slices would be just as lovely. Thanks for this awesome recipe! -- a redhead who will be eating this with some Jameson nearby :)