Thursday, June 19, 2008

Shaved Seitan BBQ Sandwich

You may not want to make the veggie lunch meat I posted yesterday for your daily brownbag at the office, but you will definitely want to make it for this recipe. I guarantee that you will be overwhelmed by its sweet and messy awesomeness.

- 1 recipe sweet and sticky BBQ sauce (but don't strain out onions)
- about 4 cups thinly shaved veggie lunch meat

1. Make the BBQ sauce and let it simmer while you cut the seitan (use a very sharp knife). Don't worry about cutting whole slices, just shave off thin bits and pieces. The meat is tough enough to hold up in the sauce, and the thin slices make for a perfect texture.
2. Add seitan to sauce. Add enough so there isn't a lot of excess sauce, but enough to thickly coat the seitan (like you see in the pic above). Let simmer for as long as possible, covered. Pile onto toasted buns and enjoy!


Michelle said...

That looks very delicious. Well done!

mark said...

I must convince my wife to make this for me so I can take it to work and make a total fool of myself.

I'm good at that.

Chris said...

I think I'm going to quit blogging and just re-direct my blog to yours. I've been wanting to make my own veggie lunch meat for quite a while but I've neither the time nor the inclination. And I could say the same thing for many other posts here as well.

This sandwich in particular makes me want to run into the kitchen and start cooking but at the moment I've got a sleeping baby in one arm so cooking will have to wait. Ok now it's a crying baby...

John Plummer said...

This looks very good, but I am excited to try the lunch meat straight up with vegenaise! Today's office brown bag consists of a couple of your perfect tempeh burgers.

Vegan Dad said...

Dudes are doing it for themselves in the kitchen these days! If you can make "tasty tomato surprise," then this dish will be no problemo.

Don't worry, by six months infants get into a solid sleeping schedule. Then you will forget all about the sleepless nights, the constant fussing, etc., and do something crazy like have another kid.

Do you freeze the burgers? They go so fast here I never have had the chance.

John Plummer said...

Yes, I make a big batch of the burgers and keep them in the freezer. They keep very well. I bring them to work frozen, put them in the fridge, and then microwave for about a minute before putting the sandwich together. This is my lunch at least once a week. Thanks!

Lily Girl said...

I made essentially the same thing recently with some leftover simmered seitan; totally hit the spot.
Speaking of the tempeh burgers, has anyone else had issues with them not holding together? I made them and really enjoyed them, but I almost doubled the vital wheat gluten trying to get them to come together and then I had to treat them pretty gently when cooking them as they tried to fall apart on me. I wonder what I did wrong... But they were delicious!

Vegan Dad said...

lily girl,
If you boiled or steamed the tempeh first, you need to cut back on the liquids, or up the gluten. They should not fall apart. In fact, one of their selling points is that they are so durable. I have grilled them, made them into meatballs and simmered for hours, etc. My guess is that you missed an ingredient--maybe the breadcrumbs.

Erin said...

Great idea to use up seitan, sounds delicious!

alaskaVeg*n said...

I made this last night and it was great! I reduced the ketchup, removed the water and added Marsala and dashes of other odds and ends. Really tasty!! Thanks for sharing another delicious recipe.

Vegan Dad said...

It's almost silly having a recipe for BBQ sauce, isn't it? Throw in whatever you like.

Jenny said...

Made these last night, they were incredible! The best bbq sandwich ever. Just found your blog two days ago, and Im so glad I did. Made the sausage recipe first, also delicious and a big hit at home. Thanks for the great recipes!