Friday, February 29, 2008

Lemon Pudding Cake Preview

One of my favourite desserts growing up was lemon pudding cake. But, I have never been able to replicate the taste and texture of a recipe that relies on egg whites. And its not for lack of trying. I went through many experiments with Ener-G egg replacer and tofu--all of which ended with inedible disasters. But tonight was a breakthrough! I made a tasty lemon pudding/custard, topped it with the Isa's lemon gem cupcake batter, then baked it. Success! It was not as spongy as the original, but the taste was superb. I want to make a few alterations and give the recipe one more try before I post it. I would also like to get permission to post the lemon gem recipe (still one of my favourites) from Vegan With a Vengeance.

So, Isa, if you still stop by this blog . . . might I be able to post the lemon gem cupcake recipe?