Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Rhubarb Syrup

This post may be too late for all y'alls in the US, but up here it is rhubarb season and we have it coming out of the wazoo. Every year I make stewed rhubarb (not photogenic, but tasty) and the kids always balk at first but end up bolting it down with gusto. This year I did something different: I strained off most of the juice (making the stewed rhubarb thicker, like an applesauce) then boiled it into a syrup. It is absolutely wonderful in lemonade (as pictured) or in a glass of ginger ale.

You can play with the proportions, depending on how much rhubarb you have on hand. Here is what I did:

- 10 cups chopped rhubarb
- 1 cup water
- 1 cup sugar (or to taste)
- 1 cup homemade strawberry jam
- 2 tbsp lemon juice

1. Combine all ingredients in a large stock pot and bring to bubbling. Reduce heat, cover, and simmer for 30 mins, or until rhubarb is cooked down and falling apart.
2. Strain rhubarb through a fine sieve (I use a spoon to stir/mash it a bit), taking a much liquid as you want (you now have tasty stewed rhubarb).
3. Put the liquid in a stock pot that can hold about 3 times the volume of the liquid. Bring to bubbling over high heat (it will foam up like cray, so use a large pot). Stir rapidly, until foam goes down, then cook and stir for about 5 mins, until liquid has become glossy.
4. Cool and store in the fridge, adding to drinks as you see fit. Pour the syrup down the back of a spoon to get the funky look pictured above.


Lili said...

That's funny, I did the same thing two weeks ago. The recipe I made was this one, minus the rosewater, and I served it with prosecco and California champagne. It was excellent. And what remains seems to have an excellent shelf life, even without refrigeration. But I will absolutely try it in lemonade.

heatherly said...

I just got my hot little hands on my first rhubarb of the season yesterday. Farmers' markets just started inBoston this week. Earlier in the week I was scanning the web in anticipation and today your post delivered. Thank you!
All of the other recipes had me discarding the rhubarb after straining and it seemed so wasteful.
Here is to spring!

deimonia said...

I haven't had rhubarb syrup since I was a child. I do grow it in my garden, so I'll be sure to try this out. Thanks!

Bianca said...

We're still getting fresh rhubarb in the South, but not for much longer. I really need to buy some and cook with it soon!!

Audrey said...

I hope I can still use my Rhubarb! Here is a link I hope you find useful for additional information with home made beverages;
Also I've got a macerated rassberry ole fashioned recipe and lemonaide concentrate, around somewhere (with asorbic acid)I'll find.

Mom of three said...

Sounds yummy, like something one might enjoy at the cottage on a hot day - ;)

Jason and Shana said...

We've done this recently for a bbq party we had...
and here's a suggestion:
1 part rhubarb syrup +
1 part tequila +
dash of lime +
Salt rimmed glass =
(it wasn't our idea, my wife got it from another blog, but it is amazing!)