Friday, May 9, 2008

FREE Veggie Burger at Johnny Rockets

That's right, kids, free! OK, mostly free--it's really buy one get one free. We used to hit Johnny Rockets on occasion when we lived in Ohio to make it seem like we were "normal" people who could eat out. There is not one near where I am now, but for my Toronto area readers (um, are there are readers from Toronto?), there is a JR in the Square One mall, as well as one in that disgustingly huge Vaughan Mills mall near the IKEA off Highway 7. Check here for JR locations, and here for the coupon (good for all of May).

UPDATE: Johnny Rockets emailed me back stating that the burger they serve is indeed Boca's vegan burger.


Sophia said...

Hey vegan dad! I love your blog, you have great recipes! Thanks for the comment to mine, you call it k-town eh? Obviously you know it to call it that, if you don't mind me asking where do you live?
And yes you would think there would be better offerings at Taras (they have only the plain so nice, and the multipack flavors of "yoso" (but not cultered), all I care about is plain yogurt anyway. Loblaws has all the flavours, but I only want plain. Tara's doesn't have that much selection of vegan items either. Only the tofutti stuff with trans fats. I just don't understand why kingston doesn't have a whole foods. We don't have a johnny rockets here either.

Sophia said...

Would you mind if I added you to my blogroll?

VeilofMystery said...

I'm from the Toronto area =]

SaraJane said...

I used to love Johnny Rockets. I don't think Vancouver has any either. I always found the atmosphere in there to be so fun.

pink peril said...

Delurking from downtown Toronto! Although I can't imagine our family going all the way out to Vaughan Mills or Square One for a free veggie burger, thanks for the heads up.

Our family loves your blog, by the way. I'm able to convince my eight-year-old daughter to try all sorts of new recipes by assuring her that your sons have tried and liked them.

Vegan Dad said...

Ah, K-Town . . . . I am a Queen's grad (ArtSci 98 and MA 00--that means my 10 year homecoming is this year! I am old.) so I know the city a bit. Of course, I was never a vegan in Kingston.

Yes, please add me to your blogroll. I get an perverse pleasure from watching my fame spread throughout bloggerdom. Bwa ha ha!

Pink Peril,
Yeah, I guess I should have issued an alert to my Brampton and Missassaugua (sp?) readers about Johnny Rockets. Anyone?

I am glad the blog is of help. My sons are slowly expanding their palettes, but it has taken a long time. Just because I posted the recipe doesn't mean their wasn't a whole lot of whining at the dinner table. I will say, though, that my oldest son loves the Thai green curry.

Anonymous said...

are those Boca Burgers actually vegan?
i think only some of there burgers are vegan.
check it out >

and don't they cook those veggie patties on the same grill as the meaty flesh burgers?

kinda yucky don't you think?

Anonymous said...

uh oh!
looky here >

Anonymous said...

oh wait!
maybe this is the one they use?

then that would be kosher (vegan)


Vegan Dad said...

Since PETA is helping sponsor the free burger thing at Johnny Rockets, I would think that the burgers are animal product free. But the website does not specify which Boca burger they use.

As for the grill, JR's actually uses a large stainless steel hotplate. I'm sure they could wipe it down extra well before they cooked your burger. Or, just don't go.

Vegan Super said...

Toronto Life Square at Yonge & Dundas now has an amazing Johnny Rockets that serves up the best Boca burgers.

Tasmine said...

Good for people to know.