Thursday, May 22, 2008


This is a fun meal for kids and a different way to serve up Mexican goodness without a tortilla. In order to cram all the ingredients in you need to hollow out the bottom part of the roll--this is the part the kids find so fun. After they have picked out the soft insides of the crusty roll they can fill in the cavity with their choice of toppings (I have suggested some here, but you can choose your own). Have fun!

- French crusty rolls, or Mexican bolillo rolls
- refried beans
- finely sliced seitan
- salsa
- diced tomatoes
- thinly sliced red onion
- guacamole, or diced avocado
- shredded vegan cheese
- vegan sour cream
- shredded lettuce

1. Cut roll 2/3rds of the way up (which I really didn't do, so don't look at the picture) and hollow out the bottom. Put down a thick layer of refried beans, then top with seitan and toppings. Put on top of roll and enjoy!


Carrie said...

What a neat idea! I need to try that!

Susan G said...

This looks great, and I can't wait to try the meatloaf! I always loved it, then I loved the one I made with lentils, egg, and cheese - haven't been able to find a vegan version I like yet. SO exciting. Thanks for sharing all your great recipes.

My little supermarket (in NY) recently underwent renovation and have expanded their offerings. I was browsing through all the new stuff, and was so thrilled to discover HP sauce! I've never seen it anywhere, even in the biggest supermarkets or gourmet shops! YAY!

klompengirl said...

Hi vegan dad. I was just looking for a vegan cabbage roll recipe and came across your blog. I'm so happy to "meet" you! my partner and i are vegan and live in Orillia, Ontario... I wonder where in the north you live? i am inspired and will check back regularly :)

p.s. my partner has a veggie blog too. it's at and we just started an Orillia Vegetarian blog at

Take care!

jd said...

This looks scrumptious! I really like your creative tortilla substitution - cool idea!

Vegan Dad said...

Ah, Orillia, I know it well. That is to say, when I drive through gasoline alley on my way home to North Bay I think, "hey, I'm in Orillia." The Sundial Inn is always a highlight.

It's not my creative substitution--tortas (usually served on a crusty bolillo roll) are traditional Mexican street food.

Lovliebutterfly said...

hmmm great lunch box idea! I need to try those Crusty French Rolls! They look really good!

John R. Maass, PhD, KB, Nobel Winner said...

Is "fancy pants" bread some Canadian thing!?!?!?

Vegan Dad said...

Hey, that's pain de pantalons endimanché to you, buddy.