Sunday, July 18, 2010

Strawberry Syrup

I guess I am a little late with this post since strawberry season is over here, but I don't see why this recipe would not work with frozen (and then thawed) berries. We have been enjoying this syrup in endless glasses of lemonade, or with some simple syrup and club soda on ice. It is fairly potent and not too sweet. If you want it a bit thicker, just cook it for a little longer (but not too long or you will get jelly).
I just used my raspberry syrup recipe, subbing in crushed strawberries for the raspberries. It put the hot syrup in mason jars and sealed lots away for later.

Speaking of raspberries, we have a ton here in the backyard.
And even some wild blueberries! We have had some awesome pancake breakfasts lately.


Helen said...

JEALOUS is the only way to describe my reaction to your berry pics! Raspberries are my favorite, and oh to have an abundance of them in my backyard! The syrup sounds delicious, like it would taste like real fruit and not too sugary.

Brittany Boersma said...

I can't believe you have that many raspberries in your back yard. I'm extremely envious! My raspberry bush has only yielded maybe 15 so far this year.

Adding the syrup in lemonade sounds amazing:)

Bianca said...

Oooh, I bet that strawberry syrup would be amazing drizzled over chocolate chip waffles! Like chocolate covered strawberry waffles...OMG!

kirsten said... got all those raspberries in your yard? That's ridiculous :)

I love pancakes...they probably would taste a little bit better with strawberry syrup!