Tuesday, November 27, 2007

A Note to Isa: No Dissing Intended!

If you have been checking out the PPK blog you will have noticed that Isa posted her answers to the Vegan MoFo Survey. I almost fell out of my chair when I read her reponse to the question 23, "Food blog you read the most." She writes, and I quote, "Right now I’ve been liking Vegan Dad (even though he kinda disses me)."

It was a moment of great elation, followed by shame/remorse, then elation/shame. Let me say now that no dissing was intended. I am a professional historian and professor, so I guess criticism runs in my blood (especially when it comes to reviewing books!). I just wanted to provide helpful and honest (albeit personal) assessments of your recipes for those out in vegan bloggerdom (for whatever that is worth).

On a personal note, Vegan With A Vengeance is the cookbook that helped me transition to veganism. Its well worn pages and cover attest to its importance. Thank you for everything you have done for vegan cooking, and how you have helped me and my family.

Vegan Dad


Isa said...

Aww. Well, I don't mind the criticism. Now I'm embarrassed! I was just being playful about the dissing. I'm going to put up a few tips for the chickpea cutlets to make sure everyone likes them. Unless you hate chickpeas and cutlets.

Vegan Dad said...

I have haboured latent resentment for cutlets from time to time, but chickpeas have always been a favourite. I look forward to your tips.

Lynn / vigilant20 said...

I feel special for reading a blog that famous people like.

Happy Herbivore said...

you were in my answer to number 23!

Nurse Veggie said...

This has nothing to do with the above posting, but I just wanted to say a big thanks to both vegan dad and Isa and all the other vegan bloggers out there. I'm a very very new vegan (like 3 days and counting). I just wanted everyone who has vegan blogs and cookbooks to know how thankful I am.
They are all great resources and are tremendously inspiring. I've just moved from Ottawa, Canada to Seattle, Washington which is a vegan haven let me tell you! I know that this is going to be the best decision I've ever made.

So please keep up the good work and know that your ideas and words mean a great deal to many people.

wow, this comment is a little emotional for 9:55am!

Canned Veg said...

I was wondering if you'd make a statement when I read PPK. Personally, I appreciated the criticism in regards to the complicated nature of the dish. I know that is something I cannot try on weeknights--once I get my copy of Veganomicon that is (checks Amazon order status and sees it has been 12 days since the order was placed and still not shipped).

forthebirds said...

Vegan Dad, you Rock!
That was my way of incorporating the two blogs. I came across your blog via PPK and I wanted to say that with a bustling family life and a career I applaud your dedication and insight. I value what you have to say and have come back to visit many times as a source of inspiration.
Thank you.

Alexis said...

I really appreciated your commentary on the Chickpea Cutlets. My boyfriend and I made them last night and followed your suggestion to use a food processor and bake rather than pan-fry, and they came out great.

VeggieGirl said...

aww, I'm sure there's no hard feelings - I love this blog, and Isa's cookbooks, so I hope everyone can live in peace! :0)