Friday, January 15, 2010

Artos (Greek Celebration Bread): Baking Through the Bread Baker's Apprentice

On to recipe two in The Bread Baker's Apprentice! As you can see by the self-explanatory title, artos is Greek celebration bread, and Reinhart provides the baker with three variations: a plain loaf, one for Christmas, and one for Easter. Since I didn't have any particular religious holiday to celebrate I make a more plain loaf but added in the fruit and nuts of the Christmas loaf thinking the end result would be something like a cinnamon raisin bread we could eat for breakfast. I also made the glaze but did not have any sesame seeds on hand as he suggests.

1. This is one big loaf--somewhere between an American football and a rugby ball. Reinhart's instructions call for a boule, but I made more of a batard. Next time I would make an even longer batard (or even two loaves) since the final loaf was a tad unruly.
2. Unless I am making this for a holiday, I would skip the glaze next time since it was a real pain to bag up a sticky loaf of bread. I found I needed half as much as the recipe calls for, but I suppose if you made the variation with all the fancy decorations that would result in more surface area and the need for more glaze.
3. Possibly because of the vegan substitutes (below), I had to add in about 3/4 cup more flour than is called for. However, I usually find Reinhart's recipes heavy on the liquid (or light on flour) and I always end up using the minimum amount called for.
4. I used sourdough starter instead of the poolish, which meant I could make the bread in one evening.
5. I baked the loaf for the full 45 mins.

1. I substituted maple syrup for the honey in the loaf and the glaze. It did not make anything taste maple-y.
2. I used 1/2 cup of soy yogurt for the 2 eggs.
3. I used full fat plain soy milk for the milk.


Megan said...

Mmmm, looks good. I've been debating about making this one for a while now.
Have you made the sour dough? I'd love to see a post about that one as I've never made it and I'm feeling a little intimidated by it.

Eleni said...

Thanks for the Greek post.

Good move substituting the soy yogurt for the eggs. I converted a Vasilopita recipe (greek new year's cake) that called for 14 eggs, and used soy yogurt as well. It really makes cakes/muffins moist. Also added the fat from coconut milk and a little orange juice. Makes perfect cake!

Glad to find your blog...made the vegan sausages so far. Thanks!


The Vegan Food Snob said...

Look, it glistens! Lovely!

carolina said...

i thought honey wasn't vegan.

Vegan Dad said...

Yes, note that I subbed in maple syrup (see the vegan notes section above). I think agave would work just as well.

I'm Philippa O said...

gorgeous! absolutely gorgeous!