Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Light Wheat Bread: Baking Through the Bread Baker's Apprentice

Yes, another bread post. I have been doing a lot of baking lately and not a lot of cooking. Well, I have been cooking, but nothing of particular interest due to all my time being consumed by grading. Now that all the papers have been marked (huzzah!) I can get back into the kitchen. Reinhart describes this bread as "a poor compromise for whole-grain purists" but still a "tasty, soft" loaf. Mine rose like crazy and made for a perfect PB and J sandwich the next day.

1. This is one of the few breads in this book that can be made in one day, which is a real plus.
2. The recipe only makes one loaf, though it is a 2 lb loaf. I dislike recipes that only make one loaf because it seems like a lot of time to spend on bread that will be gone the next day. But, I suppose I could just double it.
3. I used Robin Hood "Best for Bread" whole wheat flour. I think all purpose would have sufficed since it is only 1.5 cups. The Robin Hood is the best bread flour I have been able to get around here. I tried some organic whole wheat bread flour from the local co-op, but it was more like a bag of bran with so little gluten my bread did not rise much at all. Bummer, man.

1. I subbed soy milk powder for the powdered milk, but I think I could have just left it out.
2. The recipe calls for sugar or honey, but I used maple syrup.


Tiffany said...

Looks great! Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the recipe. I'll be sure to keep them in mind when I finally get around to trying the recipe myself.

Kate said...

Your house must smell heavenly! Can I come live with you? XD

windycityvegan said...

I never thought to sub maple syrup for honey, I always default to brown rice syrup. Will have to give that a try. So, would you say that this is a pretty good sandwich bread? My tot is going through a pretty big PB&J phase right now and mum's sourdough boules just aren't cutting it.

Nym said...

i'll try this, thanks.

do you have "kneadlessly simple" by nancy baggette? (no joke, last name is baggette...) it uses the no-knead, slow rise recipe made famous in the new york times several years back

there's a light wheat recipe in there that i love, i substitute white wheat for the white flour and sometimes i just do 100% white wheat...yields 2 loaves, and makes for a very good bread.

highly recommended.

Bianca said...

That looks like it would make the world's best PB&J.

eatenword said...

When I use a whole wheat flour that isn't specifically bread flour, I'll add vital wheat gluten to give it that extra push. Most boxes have instructions on how much to add, but if not, 2 teaspoons/cup is usually right.

Your bread looks delicious--definitely PB&J worthy.

Millie said...

Excellent. I make my own bread since I am highly allergic to many bread ingredients. Your bread looks fabulous...good job.

Shannon said...

I make this bread every week from the same book. I leave out the milk powder completely and it still turns out amazing every time. I also use King Arthur White Whole Wheat Flour, which yields a much lighter texture, IMO.

I also tend to split one recipe in half and bake two smaller loaves or just use 1 piece of the larger loaf for a sandwich because it's such a big loaf.

thedalyn said...

I really like the King Arthur Bread Flour, though I don't know if it's available where you are. While I love the fact that it's an employee-owned company, I've had a hard time finding a way to buy it in bulk. That's my only complaint.

Andrew said...

try substituting molasses for the honey, with maybe a little agave or sugar if the kids want a sweeter whole wheat. this also applies to the other whole wheat recipe in BBA. it goes very well with your seitan lunch loaf!

Dan said...

Thanks for sharing. I found the recipe on google books. Made it two days ago and worked perfectly, best bread I've made yet.