Monday, June 2, 2008

Vegan Slyders

I have never been to White Castle in my life. Even when I ate meat I steered clear of their steamed hamburgers that have the dubious reputation of passing through you like they were laced with Olestra. But I do like the idea of small burgers since they are perfect for kids. So, behold! This is my first installment of kid-friendly recipes for this month (see sidebar if you have no idea what I am talking about). My original plan was to buy dinner rolls at the grocery store and use them as buns. But, I could not find any without egg or dairy in them so I had to make my own (see here). The boys loved them since they were kid-sized. This is the first time Son #2 has eaten an entire burger bun and all. Usually he gets frustrated with the regular sized bun and just eats the burger and toppings with a fork. I also think this is a perfect recipe to ease omni kids into meat-free burgers since the patties are thin.

Put whatever you want on your burger. These are just some suggestions.
- 16 small buns or rolls
- 1 recipe perfect tempeh burger, shaped into 16 small patties and fried for 3-4 mins per side
- vegan cheese slices
- vegenaise
- sliced tomato
- sliced pickle
- sliced sweet onion
- shredded romaine lettuce
- 1 sliced jalapeno pepper, fried in oil for 3-4 mins
- kethcup, mustard, etc.

VARIATIONS (as pictured above)
1. Double Cheeseburger: slice a bun into three sections. Place a burger on the bottom bun and top with a cheese slice and condiments of choice. Top that with the middle slice of the bun, another burger, a cheese slice, tomato, onions, etc.
2. Jalapeno Cheeseburger: Add fried jalapeno slices in with your other condiments for an extra kick.


megan said...

Those look so great! I love the tiny sesame seed buns. I really need to try your tempeh burgers. My attempts have all been flops. Is there anything that I can substitute for the HP Sauce?

Vegan Dad said...

You can just use BBQ sauce, or steak sauce. I like the HP because it adds some colour and a complex flavour, but you don't really need it. The essential part of the recipe is the tempeh and the wheat gluten--the spicing is totally up to you.

Janet said...

These look really cute. The kid in me wants to eat them up!

Megan said...

I must admit, I'm from Indiana [In Arizona now, where most people have no idea that White Castles aren't the ones frozen in a box in the freezer isle.], where there are White Castles on every corner. And I used to LOVE them as a kid. Even if you did have to spend an hour in the restroom afterwards. Plus, they're the only fast food place that had generic grape soda! Yum, so healthy... But these sound great! I have seen tiny burgers at every mainstream restaurant here lately, so I need to make some for us!

chow vegan said...

Awesome burgers! And you made your own buns too. I'm constantly amazed at what you come up with. :-)

Cravin' Veggies said...

Oooh! These are just beautiful!! Perfect timing for the grilling season!! Are they grillable or will they fall apart?

Vegan Dad said...

Are you admitting you are from Indiana, or that you liked White Castle? Or both? (I kid, I kid)

Chow Vegan,
I had every intention of making your sweet potato chips to go with the burgers but I just ran out of time. Next time.

Cravin' veggies,
I meant to write a post about grilling the tempeh burgers. You really need to pan fry them first, otherwise they really dry out on the grill. The burgers for these slyders are pretty small and would be hard to grill, but I have finished up the "adult sized" burgers" on the grill before.

Alexis said...

Your kid-friendly thing made me think immediately of the Vegan Lunchbox blog. Lots of creative presentation there!

Vegan Dad said...

Vegan Lunchbox . . . I love it so. I have found with my own kids that presentation is half the battle. If it looks neat and doesn't have any weird chunks of some unknown substance, they are willing to give it a try.

carrie said...

Megan, I'm from Indiana too!! And like you, I must admit, in my youth I loved White Castle burgers.....they are the best after a long night of drinking (maybe because your taste buds are shot, or maybe because they are the only thing still open on your way home, I don't know). I've never had a taste for them sober.

Vegan dad - you never fail to amaze me. Homemade buns!!?? You rock. You've got the luckiest kids on the planet.

Erin said...

A double cheese mini tempeh burger. So innovative! And with homemade buns and everything. These look really great.

Anonymous said...

I think we need to go over the shopping/cooking list for the cottage :)

Happy Herbivore! said...

There was a white castle infront of where I lived in Queens (NY) and I *never* went in. ever. I think "Krystal" makes sliders too!

yours, however, rock

Megan said...

Well, I guess I was admitting both! Haha. Indiana isn't great, but if you want to go to a state that NEVER changes anything, go there! :)

And yes, I admit I used to love White Castle. I would order one of every kind of tiny sandwich. Regular burger, cheese, jalapeno, chicken, fish, double cheese burger, chicken rings... I'm sure that's REAL healthy for a 10 year old.

Adina said...

You said the tempeh and vital wheat gluten is essential. What does the vital wheat gluten do? Is there a substitute? Rice flour?