Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Veggie Lunch Meat

What is it with kids and not wanting to take adventurous lunches to school? Last year, Son #1 would only take PB&J to school. Every. Single. Day. All nuts are banned at his school this year, due to allergy concerns, so all he wants is veggie meat with vegenaise and mustard. Now, you may remember my post on Solae (made by DuPont) and the fact that Yves and other companies use Solae soy. So I thought I would try my hand at making my own lunch meat. I figured I could just make a huge seitan log and steam and bake it until done. Just like a huge veggie sausage. I didn't try to make it like chicken or beef or anything, just plain ol' veggie meat. I think the end product was pretty good, but perhaps a tad dry. I think I could lower the gluten a bit and bake it a bit less. Still, the recipe is very postable and Son #1 has been eating it up this week.

- 1 cup white beans
- 2 cups water
- 1/4 cup oil
- 2 tsp salt
- 2 tsp paprika
- 2 tsp onion powder
- 1 tsp garlic
- 1/4 tsp tumeric
- 1 tsp ground fennel
- 1 tsp sage
- 1 tsp pepper
- 1 tsp soy sauce
- 2 3/4 cup vital wheat gluten

Get water steaming in your steamer.
1. Place all ingredients except the gluten flour in a blender and process until smooth. Pour into a bowl. Add gluten flour and work into a dough.
2. Shape dough into a log and wrap in heavy duty foil like a tootsie roll. Try to make the roll as thick as possible. Steam for 1 hour.
3. Preheat oven to 350 degrees in the last 15 mins of steaming. Remove seitan from steamer and bake for 45-60 mins. Seitan should swell and press against the foil.
4. Cool and slice as needed for sandwiches. This seitan holds up very well and can be shaved very thin. Store in the fridge


elizabeth said...

Thank you for this recipe! We're always looking for things like this for pack lunches! Fake meat (Boca) is getting expensive, even at Target! You really make it accessible.

romina said...

Just what I was looking for, thanks!!
I can't stand that Yves crap anyway. Yuck.

Eesh said...

Thanks for posting this! Do you think you'll try out other flavors one day?

Celine said...

I'm usually not so fond of meat analogs, but holy crap, Vegan Dad, this is beyond beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Wow, that looks great! My husband will love it. I have a question for you. What type of steamer basket do you use? I have one of those cheap, collapsable ones but the handle in the middle limits the size of anything I steam.

Vegan Dad said...

Same here. It is over $3.00 for a pkg of Yves lunch meat (I think there is about 8 slices per pack).

Agreed. I figured that since the Yves stuff borders on nasty, surely I couldn't make something that was worse. So, misson accomplished: this meat does not taste worse than Yves.

Yes, I will play around with the recipe as Icontinue to make it.


I use the stainless steel steamer insert that came with my soup pot. Seems to do the trick.

Paula said...

mmmm, that looks great!

what is the purpose/advantage of steaming and then baking rather than just steaming?

Vegan Dad said...

Good question. I am not sure if there is any advantage--I just posted what I did. My reasoning was this: I made the seitan o'greatness recipe from the PPK forum once and found it entirely too dry. I think steaming keeps the seitan more moist, but it can sometimes make it a tad spongy or rubbery. This is fine for a small sausage, but I wasn't sure how it would translate into a large roll of seitan. I wasn't even sure if steaming would actually cook the whole log. So, I combined the two methods. After one hour of steaming, the seitan was hot but still "raw." I figured that the oven would help toughen it up and cook it all the way through without drying it out too much.

veggiekatie said...

That looks great! What a coincidence-- I just made a post yesterday also, about a lime-walnut seitan that I used for sandwich deli slices. Your recipe looks great; I like the idea of using white beans, and of steaming it.

arthursmommy said...

I will definitely have to try this. We try to avoid the packaged vegan meats. They cost alot and have extra junk in them. Thanks vegan dad. Have a terrific weekend.


madcapcupcake said...

This is GREAT!! - the store bought stuff is so pricey, and making your own can only be better anyway - I can't wait to try this...congrats on your Veg Bloggy award - thanks to them you are now in my blog reader :)

kat said...

Wow, this looks great. Do you think you could slice this on one of those deli slicers? I am really bad at cutting things thin. Has anyone used seitan on a deli slicer, does it work?

Paulina said...

Wow this looks really good, I'm gonna have to print this recipe right away!

Vegan Dad said...

This will definently hold up in a slicer once cooled down in the fridge. I was able to shave mine paper thin with a knife (which makes for the best sandwiches, I think).

Anonymous said...

Thanks for providing a great alternative to the Solae filled crap from Yves and others. Your DIY ethic is really inspiring VeganDad!

Keep up the great work.

ceblakeney said...

Hi VeganDad, looks like I'll be tweaking on this myself, due to the high price of veggie lunch slices (but I confess a weakness for some commercial veggie bologna!) What was the diameter of your raw roll before steaming? I'm thinking 10 cm, more or less? Or is that way too big?

Happy Herbivore! said...

I refuse to call you vegan dad. you are now Seitan King.

Vegan Dad said...

10 cms is about right.

Lysy said...

This looks v good! I wish I could make it but I've never managed to find wheat gluten in the UK. I will just having to keep wistfully reading your posts!

Sarah said...

do you ever make this in a tin juice can in the oven? Does that work? Is there a reason you avoid using that technique?

Vegan Dad said...

I have never heard of this method. I would assume it would work since it is basically the same thing as wrapping it in foil. I am intrigued.

alaskaVeg*n said...

Another success! I made this for the shaved seitan sandwich and also had it the next day cold. It was great! Thanks for the great recipe!

John Plummer said...

This worked really well! We have had it hot and cold, plain with vegenaise, and with sweet bbq sauce. Delicious. The people at Tofurkey should be nervous....

madcapcupcake said...

I made this late last night and my husband has consumed nearly the entire thing - I doubt it will survive to see the 24-hour mark...very tasty, thanks for the recipe :)

Jeevs said...

I can't wait to try this recipe! It'd be nice to be able to take regular ol' sandwiches to work for lunch.

I'm you think this recipe could be modified to make kielbasa? I usually bring Boca's version when going to cookouts, and they're pretty good.

Vegan Dad said...

This recipe, or the other sausage recipes I have posted on this blog could be modified to make kielbasa. Actually, this would make a great new kitchen experiment for me.

Fat-Free Vegan said...

Any idea how long this will keep in the fridge? I'm the only vegan in the house, so I'm not sure how fast I could eat it up. I do freeze the seitan sausages I make though, so maybe this will freeze well, too? Thanks!

Vegan Dad said...

fat-free vegan,
I don't really know. I would say a week or so. And, I would think it would freeze well, so you could chop it in half and freeze part of it.

Anonymous said...

I am trying to avoid foil; any other ideas on how to wrap this while steaming/baking?

Vegan Dad said...

good question. I have seen recipes for sausages that use cheesecloth instead of foil. I have not tried it myself. And, that would not work for the baking.

Lydia said...

I just made this recipe (my first attempt Vegan Dad recipe) and it is f%&#ing amazing. I'm sold and am gonna try the seitan chicken nuggets later this week. Thanks!

PS: I saw you mention that you're Foucault in another post. Are you a gradstudent/professor? My husband and I are both getting PhDs in Comparative Literature right now, working on our dissertations and Foucault is a major part of both.

Toni said...

Please forgive me for such a simple question, but trying to become full vegetarian (and hopefully vegan too) and it's ALL new to me. When you say steamer, do you mean a boiler pot used for steaming, something like a rice cooker or something else? Thanks.

Vegan Dad said...

Any kind of steaming device will work. I blogged about it here:

Toni said...

Thanks much! I'm off to read the other entry and will definitely be trying out the recipe very soon.

Kathy Mullen said...

I have been a veggie for over 20 years and vegan for nearly 20. I have had some sad seitan experiences and have been drooling over many of these yummy "easy seitan" recipes on various sites, but felt a little leary to actually jump in. I'm sure a post can not really show how pleased I am, but this was yummy and EASY!!! My 16 year old son (he's been veggie his whole life) is absolutely in heaven with this. He's a big dude at 6' 2" and I think he is excited to have such a huge portion without feeling like he is eating a whole package of "fake meat" in one sitting. Thanks Vegan DAD!!!

VeganHeighs said...

To the UK blogger: you can get vital wheat gluten from a bakery supply store (one that supplies commercial bakeries with flour, etc). If the Country Life restaurant is still around in London, you might give them a ring and see if they can't direct you to a source, as well.

To the person avoiding aluminum foil: Is this because of environmental reasons, or because you don't want tinfoil touching your food? If the latter, you can wrap your gluten with parchement paper, followed by the aluminum. It won't burn in the oven as long as the tinfoil is on it, and that way no foil touches your food.

Good-Dees said...

Another great recipe - I loved how moist it turned out. I didn't have a steamer, nor do I have anything I could have rigged to be a steamer so I baked it in the oven. I blogged about on my blog (Dec 8th) if interested. Turned out perfect!

MotherVegan said...

I'm a fairly new follower of yours VeganDad, and wanted to say THANKS for this recipe! This recipe and Earthlings (which I loved your review on btw) is what finally made my husband switch over to the veggie side!


Anonymous said...

What a delightful recipe but do you think I could make it happen without the oil? I'm a "trying to be" fat free vegan because I am overweight. I would LOVE to make this in a fatfree version. Do you have any suggestions? thank you so much!

Vegan Dad said...

I think you could make it without the oil--you may have to add a bit more liquid, and you may find the end product a little drier.

boobear said...

where did you get your tag cloud?

Vegan Dad said...

I followed the instructions here:

Just remember to back up first--that way you can revert back to your old settings if you screw up.

kanga d bell said...

Thanks so much! My roommate and I have been buying Tofurky slices incessantly, and are wasting a lot of money on it. Plus I love having things I've done myself, makes me feel good <3 This is an awesome improvement.
Mine didn't come out dry (baked for 45 minutes), but was not as dense as I would like (or as it appeared in your photo) - just couldn't slice it so thin, but it's no bother because it's delicious!

rosie said...

LOVE IT! I have been brown-bagging veggie-meat since I went vegan. Do you use canned white beans or dried?

traci said...

Sorry for such a novice question...

I have dry white beans. Do I put them in the blender after simply soaking them, or should I cook them completely first?

Thanks for your great blog!

Vegan Dad said...

I use canned beans, so I would say cook them first. On the other hand, I see that recipe for vegan spam on the ieatfood blog uses soaked soy beans that are then ground--so it may work both ways.

catta said...

I made an interesting mistake with your wonderful recipe.

I started putting it together without checking to see if I had enough vital wheat gluten -ended up only having 1 1/2 cups, so I filled in the rest with old fashioned oats that I ground up in my magic bullet.

I didn't have high hopes - usually my improvising doesn't work out -but, I got something that tasted good and vaguely resembles roast beef.

It's great on sandwiches and sliced thinly and braised in flavored broth until somewhat crispy makes a good gyro filling.

Thanks for putting such great recipes on the web!

Shelby said...

Thanks for this! I'm totally going to try it. (feeling guilty for just having finished an Yves chicken sandwich...)

veggie_mama said...

When I read this recipe today in Nava Atlas' newsletter, I immediately printed it out and purchased the ingredients. This was so easy to make! I was headed to Trader Joe's tomorrow to pick up some more Tofurky slices, but not now! This is delicious! I can't wait to download your book and try more.

Diane said...

Hi VeganDad,

I received the Vegetarian Kitchen newsletter from Nava Atlas and saw this recipe. I have always thought about making my own lunch meat because I would know exactly what is in it and I could save money. I tried this recipe today and it was fantastic!!! Thank you for sharing.

Tom A said...

I tried making my own deli meats a few times with moderate success, so I'll have to try this one out.

I picked up a deli slicer at a garage sale and had been going to town on seitan loafs, eggplants, etc.

I'm having some problems with the slicer. I think a gummy-textured seitan loaf did some serious damage, so I'd definitely cool it down and make sure it has a good texture if you're using a slicer.

Anonymous said...

hi ---

i went to Good-Dees web site & her cooking technique will enable me to enjoy vegan dad's lunch "meat" --

she wrapped her log in parchment paper, then foil & baked it without the "steaming" step --

thank you Good-Dees & vegan dad --

caminante in colorado

dometipithecus said...

I know this is an old post, but I just wanted to say that I do freeze half the recipe (after cooking) and it's fine. I just take it out of the freezer and let it defrost in the fridge for a day. Tastes just like the half that wasn't frozen. My husband LOVES this stuff. I can't seem to make enough.

Anonymous said...


we just made this and it is so amazing. Thanks for making this public information. Its Soooooo good!
I have been trying to cut soy out of my diet and pretty much all of the vegan lunch meats are made of soy so this is an excellent alternative, not to mention how cost effective it is.


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Mom2my9 said...

Wow! This is unbelievable! I was just wondering today if there is a way to make veggie sandwich meat at home then I came across your blog just by chance. I'm a new vegan and having such fun trying new recipes. I can't wait to try this one! Great blog and I'm adding you to my blog roll!

Charles said...

For those who live in the UK, you can get gluten powder here:

It's the same thing they can get in the US.

Charles said...

I must've done something wrong, because the recipe came out looking nothing like yours. It's dry and bready, and it looks like a bread log. Back to the drawing board for me!

AB said...

All of your recipes uding steamers are making me want to buy one! But, I have no idea what I'm supposed to buy. Do you use a steamer, lke a rice steamer, veggie steamer, or the kind of metal pot that fits into a stovetop pot?

HeatherFe said...

Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart and wallet! My bf, who almost always HATES seitan even though I've made it many ways, absolutely loves this!

Vegan Dad said...

See this link:

Maddy Avena said...

hey Vegan Dad, here'swhat I noticed: Your "wet" ingredients (beans, water, spices, tamari, etc) are about the same measure as your wheat gluten. I made something inspired by this recipe today. I took some white bean pesto I had made. It had been 1 1/2 cups of beans, but after blending them up with olive oil, garlic, lemon and basil, it only measured 1 cup. I figured it as 1/4 cup per serving and had eaten one serving, so had 3/4 cup left. To this bean dip/pesto/whatever, I added some tamari and some ketchup (don't knock it til you try it), then 3/4 cup vital wheat gluten, kneaded for a couple of minutes then formed into the loaf, steamed for 50 minutes and baked for 50 minutes. It came out fabulously and wasn't dry at all. I think the juicy/dry factor is about the wet:dry measurement.
Happy cooking!
Maddy Avena

jeannie said...

I made this seitan but seasoned it with one packet of taco seasoning mix, and then ground it up in the food processor til it's like the texture of ground beef. It's REALLY good and because it's all ground up, even the meatiest omni can't tell the difference! Thanks!

Kathy said...

I made this last night and it smells FANTASTIC. I can't wait to try it at work tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Any chance you'll add nutritional information to your recipes?? Servings? Yield?

stephka. said...

I made this today for the first time and both my fiance and I loved it!! I can't wait to play around with flavors in it. To the one who had asked about leaving out the oil awhile back, I replaced the oil with an equal amount of unsweetened applesauce. I tend to do that with a lot of baked things. Turned out just fine! Thanks, VeganDad, for this superb and easy recipe. Your blog rock.

Kenza said...

Hi Vegan Dad,
Looks amazing! Maybe I'm completely delusional, but is there any way of making this without gluten, as it's not available here in the DR? I can't order it in either, unfortunately, and Googling no-gluten vegan lunch meat didn't give me any results.

Tom said...

Hi Kenza,

If you don't have access to gluten, you can make seitan from whole wheat flour. It takes more work, so if you can get your hands on vital wheat gluten I recommend that instead (although it's good to try it from scratch once!)

It would probably affect this recipe since you would be dealing with it in seitan form instead of a flour. Hopefully, someone else has a recommendation on how to integrate it into this recipe.

Otherwise, you could make the seitan and use it as a base for other dishes. The easiest (and one of the most delicious) is barbeque seitan. Boil the seitan for 45 minutes or so then saute it with onions and barbeque sauce.

This site has good instructions on making the seitan from whole wheat flour. Good luck!

Ina said...

Hello! The recipe looks great! I don't know if anybody asked you the same questions 'cause I didn't read all comments but I would like to know if the white beans have to be boiled before making the seitan? And the steaming and baking time are ok? Because you said you would make some changes. I'd really like to make this recipe so I'd be glad if you could help me!

jjrs79 said...

We just made this recipe and it's great for subs.

Does anyone know what's the longest you can keep it on the fridge? So, for how long can I store this on the refrigerator?

xsomethingbluex said...

Oh so seitan is just beans/gluten/herbs&spices?!
I must get a steamer and make this as I cannot find seitan of any kind here in England :(

Now I have discovered your blog I may never leave :)

D1 said...

VeganDad, I just made this, and it is pretty darn good. I substituted crushed rosemary for the fennel because, as I was gathering my mis en place, I discovered I had no fennel. Result was good anyway.

In addition I did not steam it. I wrapped in parchment and aluminum foil, and baked in a convection toaster oven at 350* for 95 minutes. It is done (most importantly), moist, and sliceable.

A couple ideas/theories: The place of the beans can be taken by any similar mashable vegetable--some of the things that come to mind are garbanzos, butternut squash, pinto beans, green peas (might look frightful), any other winter squash, any other bean or pea. And as these are cousins to your Homemade Sausage recipe, practically anything desired between these could be concocted: A large vegan pastrami or corned beef (think of the Reuben sandwiches!), hot dogs, a pickle loaf... the mind fairly boggles. And all with no soy (beyond a minimal soy sauce), which is a huge plus to my wife and me.

Logan said...

Any gluten-free suggestions? My middle son and I are gluten-intolerant and get congested and sick. Would love to have some lunch alternatives like this - yes, packing lunch every day for kids is not easy.

Vegan Dad said...

I don't have any gluten free alyernatives to this recipe since the gluten is what gives this meat its "meatiness." My kids love eggless salad, though, ans bring it often to school for lunch.

Teri "Fiberdrunk" said...

I just discovered your blog this weekend. The photos of your recipes look so yummy that I couldn't help but want to try them out! I made this last night. I steamed then baked it for only 35 minutes and it turned out fine. I really enjoyed it. I thought it tasted good warm out of the oven, and cold later as a sandwich. This was my first experience using vital wheat gluten, and I'm really excited to use more of it instead of soy. I once bought a Tofurky for Thanksgiving and it was AWFUL. I think your recipe has possibilities for a Thanksgiving loaf as well. Thank you so much for sharing! I look forward to trying more.

marry said...

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Si said...

If it ends up dry and bready, like Charles above, you need to follow the recipe! :), i.e. step 4: "Cool"

Mine came out of the oven bready.

I had to split the roll into two smaller rolls because my steamer was too small, so I put one in the freezer and one in the fridge. The next day the roll I had put in the fridge was no longer bready (and very tasty!). I have not got around to the frozen one yet, but as I generally leave seitan in the fridge to defrost I expect it to be equally tasty.

Anonymous said...

hey. cooking n00b here. do the 2 cups of water go in the blender?

Vegan Dad said...

Yes, water in the blender.

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Michellebee said...

This stuff is so darn good. I've made it about four times, and the whole family loves it. Veg Boy and I love it, and so does Veg Life Partner. It's funny, she chose this over salami for her lunch!! This has a great texture and flavor, and is so delightful to eat and chew. And when I think of the cost saving, I go all giddy. Thanks for a great recipe!!

John C. said...

In response to the request for nutritional info, I did the math on this recipe after baking it today. Haven't tried it yet, but I have high hopes.

If you divide the loaf into 24 servings, you get...

127 Calories
2.9 g fat
0.2 g saturate fat
217.8 mg sodium
5.5 g carbohydrates
0.8 g fiber
20.2 g protein


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Ashley said...

We made this earlier today. Can't believe how easy it was to make, tried some Seitan recipes in the past and they sometimes seemed like bad recipes, but this, from the preparation to the actual cooking of the thing, very simple. And the actual result was to die for. We don't have whatever it is you need to cut it real thin like a Tofurkey slice or whatever, but still, very very good on a sandwich. Ten out of a possible ten.

Brenda W. said...

Made this for the first time yesterday. So very easy to make ... I really liked that part. Thanks Nathan, for a great recipe!

Jeffrey B. Palmer said...

VeganDad -- this is great! I've recently been experimenting with VGW (vital wheat gluten) with some surprisingly tasty results. I will have to give this loaf a try. Everyone seems to enjoy it which is a good sign.

Last night I made a VWG loaf and added TSP (textured soy protein) for a comfort food "meat & potatoes" meal. It was OK, not super great. Need to play around with the ratio/mix more, but the TSP was nice as it added some texture to the loaf.

People can check out some pics at my flickr link here

More pics are on the way.

I'll be sure to post results after I've made the veggie loaf.

Oh, and using a pressure cooker cuts down on the time and saves energy.

Thanks again for all the great vegan ideas!

~ Jeff

Brittany said...

I've never seen seitan recipes using beans and such. It sounds more nutrient rich than the conventional recipes. How are your recipes different from more traditional ones?

nakedsushi said...

Thanks for the recipe! I made a nice loaf of veggie meat, froze half and used the other half for sandwiches. This tastes really good in a BBQ seitan sandwich with home made bbq sauce. I wrote up my methods here:

jfield said...

I made a loaf like this the other day, but used garbanzo flour instead of white beans. I skipped the steaming step and did the whole thing in the bread machine with the machine baking the seitan. It was nice one pot cooking. I didn't use any oil but added flax seed meal to add EFAs.

VeggieDog said...

I made this last night and it tastes great. The only issue I had was that the outside skin got a little tough. I think the tootsie roll ends were not sealed tightly enough. Has anyone else had this problem?

VeggieDog said...


Catriona said...

NOM NOM NOM!! This is fabulous! I messed up a little and somehow had too much liquid but will perservere because even with that mistake it tastes really good and you're right you can cut it really thin for sandwiches. Yummy!

About the above comment suggesting juice tins instead of tinfoil -- aren't they lined with plastic that would be bad in a hot oven?

Alex said...

Did you ever find a way to make this less dry?

KKVSPN said...

Just found this amazing recipe- THANKS!

I made this last week- with modifications (see below). It's amazing- THANKS so very much for an easy go-to seitan recipe!

My modifications (not for spite, just using what was available):
1) Used an entire can (15 oz?) of white northern beans (well rinsed/drained), because a few beans would have been left over from the measured cup, and I just threw them in to use up the can (effectively lowering the amount of gluten ;o)
2) Did not have onion powder- used finely chopped fresh white/vidalia onion (1/4c), & used highest blender setting to ensure pulverization.
3)Cut salt to 1.5 tsp (see 4)
4)No fennel or sage or soy sauce available- used 1/4 t Montreal Steak Seasoning, and ~ 1-2 tsp Lea & Perrins Thick Worcestershire sauce (sorry- I now know it's not vegan :o( )
5)Split it into two rolls (to get it into my electric vegetable steamer)- worked well (one to eat right away, one to freeze!)

Results- awesome! Could see how a bit of sage would be beneficial, but very palatable. While it does not scream 'sausage' in flavor, I daresay think I could pass this off in a biscuits & gravy recipe (with added sage/pepper) for my 90 yr old dad (who has never been much of a meat eater, and was WAY ahead of everyone else by doing so!)
Thanks very much!

ttrent9691 said...

So I just tried your recipe and I LOVE it... But I have to share how I cooked it because I think it might help solve the dryness problems.

After you make your dough, put into two tin cans (I bought two cans of beans because I couldn't remember how much I needed, but I figure the left over will be eaten over rice at some point).

Place foil over top of cans (my mixture was a LITTLE too much for the cans, but it still worked out okay). Place in a large pot & fill with water to cover about the bottom 1/3rd of the cans. Bring to boil. Reduce heat to simmer, put lid on your pot, and leave it alone for 2 hours. After the 2 hours are up, let cook (with foil still on top so it doesn't dry out) in the fridge until you can handle the cans. I used a knife around the inside to get it out, but if you use the kinds of cans that you can just flip over and use a can opener to get the bottom off, that works too.

What I love about this is I have a perfect two-loaf batch. One goes in the freezer and the other in the fridge for the week!

Tobemeghan said...

Dumb question do you take the "meat' out of the foil before cooking it? Also how did you get yours to have such of a nice brown color? Mine is bright yellow from the nutritional yeast.

Thanks for all of your wonderful recipes!

mike said...

Made this last week. Delicious! I was wondering if you'd ever tried to make this to taste like a chicken or turkey breast cold cut loaf (maybe hickory, or smoked, or something like that)...

Any suggestions for getting it to taste kind of neutral?

I was looking at a packet of Tofurky cold cuts, and there were things like citrus acid and, maybe lemon juice? I don't know..

Also - I cut some thick slabs (about an inch) and reheated it in the oven under the broiler, and used it like a burger (bun, lettuce, tomato, ketchup) - awesome!! Had the right bite and texture.

Kristin said...

This is a great recipe. The closest thing to filet mignon or roast beef I have had since I quit eating meat.

I replaced the white beans with homemade hummus! I replaced the wheat gluten with equal parts of flour, oats, and flax seed. Celery seed instead of fennel. Every other spice and ingredient is the same (keep in mind the onion, garlic, oil, & turmeric were in the hummus so I didn't add more except garlic powder). I combined the steps pre-steaming with baking, so I baked them in a water bath in the oven. I coated the loaf with cajun smoked spices to give it a "meat" taste.

I am so glad I can make meat alternatives. Thanks for the recipe! This is a great site :)

Kristin said...

Oh and I didn't wrap mine in foil. Gives it diversity in texture, having the outside a bit firm. I just dehydrated some, mmm beef jerky, almost :)

cleopatra0102 said...

Wow, as a fellow vegan dad, I have to say that this recipe is amazing. I always liked the veggie meats but their expensive and always have msg and other bullcrappery in them. Plus it feels much better to be making my own stuff from scratch. Seems like this could adapted into infinite variations.

veg on a ledge said...

Thank you for posting this recipe. I made this today, but I had to substitute a few ingredient. It tasted great and my daughter LOVED it!

cleopatra0102 said...


from my research, citric acid basically means msg a lot of times. Along with the terms yeast, yeast extract, natural flavors, and many others.

inskip14 said...

DO you think I could use a veggie stock instead of the water?

cheers, and sounds great.

p.s. I made your cabbage rolls tonight... that sauce was greaaat.

Hemp said...

I've been wanting to make some seitan and this recipe looks great! Maybe a good substitute for Boca -I just found out they are owned by Kraft :(

Tina C. said...

I love this recipe!! Thank you so much. I was wondering if you could help me with a problem on my end probably. I seem to get this bizzare aftertaste anytime I try to make anything with vital wheat gluten. Am I doing something wrong? It's not strong but it sure ruins the taste. UGH thanks again for all your delicious recipes.

The Genét's said...

Quick question...hopefully it wasn't already addressed. Is it 1 cup cooked or dry beans? Thanks! Your blog is awesome!! :-)

The Genét's said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Vegan Dad said...

Cooked beans, yes.

AgsEliza said...

Fantastic! My daughter and I made this tonight and are very pleased with the results. Thanks for posting this recipe VegDad!!!

Sarah said...

This is just pure awesome. No more tofurkey slices for us again! Thanks!

Martine said...

Vegandad I LOVE your blog, especially the meat. We have been eating a lot more vegan food since I started making it.

I don't have a steamer and I don't like using too much alu-foil. So, I wrap my sausages in parchment paper and bake them at 180 celcius on the ovenrack or in a baking dish. 60 min for hotdogs and 90 min for large sausages such as the lunchmeat. The paper does not tear when the sausage expands,even if it is large. The outside of the sausages probably becomes slightly more tough than it does when you steam it, but the inside stays nice and tender, especially for the large ones. After a night in the fridge, the outside softens up a bit too.

Please keep up the inspiring work!

starkdoulos said...

Man this recipes is AWESOME! Thanks for saving me a lot of skrill on Tofurky lunch meat. I live in Colorado so I had to bake it twice as long, but it actually led to an amazing discovery. I slathered some Jack Daniels BBQ sauce on the log and baked it for another hour, then when it was done I sliced it into 1" think slabs and put a little more BBQ sauce on it. They tasted just like ribs. My wife was amazed. So if you are feeling adventurous... :D

Looking forward to trying more of your recipes!

SyracuseRock said...

I think this recipe is great, and it tasted a lot like pork, or maybe chicken. Personally, one of the things I miss the most from my meat eating days is ham. I found ham seasoning packets that appear to be vegetarian (they're made by Goya). Do you think using one of these packets, and maybe some cloves, liquid smoke, and maple syrup could I possibly make this taste like ham? Any advice you might have is much appreciated!!

Sarah said...

Just had to post again... Recently learned my one-year-old nursing son is allergic to almost everything and I was sad that I couldn't make this anymore until I got the idea to sub hemp seeds for the beans - delish! You don't understand how happy I am that I can eat really is my only source of protein for the foreseeable future.

The Skinny Witch said...

Vegan Dad,

My dearest and nearest sister put me onto you, and this was the first thing I made from your site, the day after she showed me your blog... this recipe is divine, I substituted kidney beans for white beans as that is what I had on hand, and it's awesome!!!!!

Mine turned out a titch dry, but that's my oven for me, it runs a little hot now and then, so next time I know, turn it down or reduce cooking time.

I am SO very THRILLED that you created this, for now I have regular sandwich fillings for hubby's lunches as well as for one of my daughters who has decided to go to highschool part time for the experience, (we homeschool), and I'm forever looking for vegan homemade things to try .. I love cooking and baking and I know I am going to be glued to my PC for a while to come as I have many years of your blog to go through.

THANK YOU!!!!! I will be recommending your site to my clients who are looking at going vegetarian/vegan!!!! What a delightful resource you are!!!

Unknown said...

I've been a long time lurker of your blog but had to register just to say that this recipe is fantastic. I've tried making home made seitan before with awful results. I used the boiling method and always ended up with something that looked like it came out of my sinus cavity.

The steaming/baking method worked great! I will definitely be making this again, probably doubling the batch so I can freeze some to have on hand for burgers/BBQ

You're the best, thanks Vegan Dad!

Mar Calpena said...

My seitan is baking as I type. I'm not even vegan, but I try to eat mostly vegan diet, and this recipe will solve (hopefully) my breakfasts, as I don't like eating something sweet first thing in the morning and I don't have time for cooking either.

The recipe looks like a great starting point.. I'm thinking of changing the spices slightly and "embedding" some olives in the dough (as in Bologna sausage), just for the sake of it. Thanks!


wow! lurv ua stuff! keep up!

chigirl68 said...

I finally came across this recipe and tried it. Love it. Even my omni bf liked it. One thing he says he could not give up is an Italian beef sammich. so I plan to take your recipe and try to Italian beef-it-up to try to get him to the right side of the force (lol).

hippymama said...

RE doing this gluten-free, the wheat gluten is the thing that binds this into a loaf. It is used in place of the cheap soy protein popular with large manufacturers. If you are also wanting to avoid soy (as we do) then you will need to find another binder. Xanthan gum is quite popular in baking as a gluten-free binding agent, it would be interesting to see if it works here. Guar gum and pre-gel starch are other alternatives with similar effect.

AntoniaB said...

I had some black beans I'd made before, so used those instead of the white beans. This is a fantastic recipe - thanks so much.

S and G Hulett said...

have you ever tried steaming this in a pressure cooker to cut down on the steam time??? I am doing that right now and will let you know how it went.

janetpayne70 said...

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Marie said...

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The Zen Chick said...

I just made this and it is quite delish. My hubby just ate 2 big slices on a sandwich. I used a can of black eyed peas rinsed and drained instead of white beans. I kinda like the slight earthy flavor they add to this easy to make "analogue."

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clayton payne said...

I am new to the vegan lifestyle and often find it difficult to find satisfying things to eat. However, this recipe will become a new staple in our home! Thank you!!!

Marta Jeremy Emily and Abigail said...

Making this for the second time. This time i blended 1 cooked beet and used beet cooking water instead of water. Looks like a winner. I did one normal as well. Looking forward to a nice sandwich in about an hour. :)

Linda G said...

Athough I've not yet tried Vegan Dad's lunch meat recipe, I look forward to doing so - his recipes are the best! In the meantime - and for those of you looking for a prepared vegan lunch meat - I believe that Tofurkey products use no GMO products. You might want to check this out for yourself when you have a chance: Tofurky - Similarto Tofurky
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Danielle Fagan said...

Thanks so much for this recipe! I did modify it a bit but used the same cooking method, and it worked perfectly. For the loaf, I blended 1 cup of tofu instead of the beans and used Braggs instead of the soy sauce. I also added 1/2 a cup of nutritional yeast, cayenne, minced garlic, onion, and veggie base. Before putting the loaf in the oven, I unwrapped it and basted it with a Braggs/olive oil mix. Then I covered the baking dish with foil instead of the loaf. So yummy :) Thanks again!

Tiffaney said...

I made a double batch last night. It was my first time trying this recipe but I didn't doubt that I'd at least like it a little bit. Well, I like it a lot! I tried slicing a few pieces last night when the loaves were still warm and decided that an overnight chill in the refrigerator was needed. I stored them wrapped in foil overnight. In the morning, I sliced both loaves - it is pretty easy to make nice thin slices. I put 4 bags of slices in the freezer and two in the fridge. My sandwich was amazing with my homemade bread, vegenaise, and slices. This recipe is a keeper. I'm now dreaming of a deli slicer...Ha.

Jen Bechtel said...

Just made it. It is good but I have to say, its pretty bland and could use double or triple the spices and more like 1/4 cup soy sauce. Also 2 tsp hickory liquid smoke 1 tsp ground ginger and 1 tsp dry mustard. I also found it pretty dry. Perhaps wrapping in parchment paper and then foil would be best. And maybe 45 minutes of baking would be sufficient.

Anonymous said...

This. Is. Awesome!!! I made some today and used it for Italian beef sandwiches. So delicious!!! I didn't have fennel seed, so I substituted cumin. Also, I wasn't sure if you meant fresh or dried sage so I used 1/4 tsp dried sage just to be safe. The texture of this is awesome. My husband and I have been making seitan by boiling it. It's o.k. for some recipes, but I was looking for a denser seitan. This was perfect!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Vegan dad for this recipe I hadn't made seitan in years with a recipe this easy I can give Tofurky, Yves and other meat analogs a kick to the curb. Theyre too expensive and have a lot of stuff in them that are quite unhealthy. Thanks Vegan dad for resparking my interest in homemade seitan and please do more recipes.

Laura said...

You might have answered this already. What could you substitute for the oil?

Anonymous said...

thanks for the great recipe!
one question: are the white beans cooked or dry?
thanks for your time :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Vegan Dad,

Would you please share the brand of vital wheat gluten that you use for this recipe? Thank you!

Lavis Kavin said...

Nice post and very creative too.

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Anonymous said...

Thank goodness this post is still available--I loved this but quit making it because I'd eat the whole thing in a day.

Have a baby now to share with, so will only eat most of whole thing in a day.

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Tammy said...

I have a problem. I have been vegan since january, Hubby is vegan at home. He does occasionally take a sandwich with Light Life bologna. He tolorates it. I made your vegan smoked turkey loaf a few days ago. I thought it was ok. I am not one for the fake meats tho. It did smell pretty close to turkey. Hubby didnt like it at all. DO you have a loaf that would be similar to the bologna or maybe better? I dont care for it, but he eats it. I am really stumped for lunches for him.

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