Wednesday, December 31, 2008

PURE Bar: A Product Review

I was sent some PURE Bars to review them on the blog. So . . . here is my review. PURE Bars are organic, vegan, raw energy bars created by Veronica Bosgraaf after her daughter decided to become a vegetarian. Nutrition-wise, these bars have a lot going for them: 4-5 grams of fiber, 6-7 grams of protein, high in omega 3s, organic, raw, and no refined sugar. I was sent three flavours: Apple Cinnamon, Cherry Cashew, and Wild Blueberry. I chopped each up into 5 pieces and passed them around after dinner to get the kids' thoughts. They weren't really crazy about them, to be honest. Son #1 tried a nibble from each, Son #2 had a few bites, and Son #3 ate them all. I found them a bit on the pasty side, and not particularly "fruity" tasting. I noticed on the website that there is a Chocolate Brownie and a ChocChip Trailmix bar, and I have a feeling the kids would have liked these flavours better. That being said, the bars were still good, and you have to appreciate how much nutrition is packed into each one. They would be perfect for a snack while on a hike, or on a long car trip through non-vegan territory (i.e. just about everywhere).