Friday, April 11, 2008

Making a Difference

You will all recall yesterday's whiny post about trying to get vegan food at an upscale restaurant. The comments and commiseration starting coming almost immediately, but I was really challenged by Natjenn's observation that "I don't think improvement can happen if we don't speak up." Natjenn was right, of course. Although a good cry fest about about veganophobia certainly is cathartic, it does not create change. So, I emailed the restaurant asking for the addition of a vegan entree to the menu, and providing some links to recipes on my blog. The owner responded today saying, and I quote, "I think it is time that we make room on our menu for at least one fantastic vegan dish." And, in the short term, if I give them a bit of notice that I am coming, they will "come up with a creative vegan dish" just for me. This is great news!