Tuesday, February 10, 2009

More Dinners with Artists

Just a quick post tonight. We have continued with our Dinners with Artists, and I really can't recommend them enough to you. Of course, it works best with older kids (Son #1 is 8 and really loves it; Son #2 is 5 and waxes and wanes), but it is such a rewarding activity. Not only do we get to discuss art, we also spend quality time together being creative. It doesn't matter if your pictures turn out great or not, what matters is that you and the kids have fun. It's also amazing how the kids can nail essence of each artist every time in their own pictures, while the adults (who try too hard) end up with trite and stilted pieces.

These are from Picasso Week. Son #1 totally gets it.
As does Son #2.
And here you can see what I mean by trite and stilted.
Here is Monet week. Vegan Mom agrees that her blackberries aren't particulalry Monet-esque, but I think it'a nice piece anyway.
Son #1 and I both did version of a picture I took on one of our hikes along the waterfalls that run in the forest nearby.