Sunday, May 30, 2010

Green Curry Summer Rolls

Last week we had a bit of an early heat wave so I was looking for a nice cool dish that didn't involve a lot of cooking. Although the boys totally hated these, Vegan Mom and I loved them. The crunch of the lettuce contrasts the vermicelli and rice paper, while the punch of heat from the curry paste is cooled by the cucumber. Yum. Not a real recipe, but here is the stuff I put in mine. Adjust amounts according to how many rolls you want to make.

- steamed broccoli (crisp and bright green, not mushy. Once the broccoli is cooked, plunge it into ice water to stop it from cooking)
- thinly sliced lettuce (romaine, or other)
- cooked rice vermicelli, cut into about 3" pieces, tossed with soy sauce and green curry paste (to taste)
- thinly sliced shallots
- thinly sliced cucumber
- finely chopped cilantro (or sliced basil, Thai or otherwise)
- rice paper
- dipping sauce

1. Soak rice paper in warm water as per directions, fill with ingredients, roll like a burrito. Serve with dipping sauce.