Monday, June 7, 2010

Pizza Napoletana: Baking Through the Bread Baker's Apprentice

Reinhart's discussion of good pizza dough really had my mouth watering, but in the final analysis I was not impressed with this recipe. I have tried this a few time, figuring that the first time I did something wrong. The result is always the same: a too-wet dough that tastes OK but is not worth the time (and space in the fridge). To be honest, I prefer Isa's recipe in Vegan With a Vengeance (which is like this one, more or less). Pictured are the wee pizzas I make for the kids for school pizza day. Boy, is my pizza stone ever dirty!

1. Reinhart says that the dough (when mixed with an electric mixer) should clear the sides of the bowl and stick to the bottom. I prefer my dough a little firmer, and I am not sure how he is able to toss the dough in the air as pictured in the cookbook. My dough was so soft I could just pat it into shape.
2. The recipe also asks you to shape the dough into balls (that will later become crusts) and refrigerate overnight. Makes sure you make this recipe before shopping day do you have the room.

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