Sunday, June 6, 2010

In Praise of Smoked Paprika

I finally got around to getting some propane for the BBQ. Usually I grill right through the winter, but I think the cold temps and snow up here in the north is slowly sapping my will to grill. Either that or I am getting old. In any event, I inaugurated BBQ season 2010 with grilled oyster mushrooms. I can't get enough of these because they really have a great grill flavour and texture. The perfect addition to any grilled menu are these potatoes, tossed in smoked paprika. If you have not had smoked paprika, get thee to the bulk food store post haste! Smoked paprika is great for many things (southern tofu, for example) but I particularly like it on potatoes since it makes a great brunch dish, or a side for a BBQ meal. Pictured is a pound of baby red potatoes, boiled for 15 mins, until soft but not mushy, then chopped in half and fried in a bit of olive oil. When potatoes are cooked with a crispy outside, season with kosher salt to taste and toss in about 1 tbsp of smoked paprika. I like to add it when the pan is still hot so it smokes a little before it coats the potatoes. Truly addictive!