Thursday, July 3, 2008

Sweet and Sticky BBQ Skewers

While I was visiting family for the Canada Day weekend I made these skewers and thought I would post them for those south of the border about to relax for the long weekend. These work best went cooked on a perforated BBQ grate, like the one pictured here.

- 1 recipe of wingz, cut into chunks

Preheat BBQ to about 400 degrees. Oil grill.
1. Thread seitan chunks on skewers and lightly spray with oil.
2. Cook skewers about 3 mins per side to let them brown up. Then begin basting with BBQ sauce. Rotate and baste skewers every 3-4 mins. Be careful that they don't burn or dry out. They should cook for about 20 mins.


FatMom said...

Ohhhh, thanks, VD! Your cousins to the south thank you!

Erin said...

Awesome! They look so gooey and tasty. Love bbq foods.

Anonymous said...

Hello.I am new to veganisim and tried my first seitan recipie. it was susans ribz from fat free vegan.My 14 year old daughter loved them.I on the other hand did not.the texture was ok but they tasted like slightly stale bread with bbq sauce on them.Is this how seitan is suppose to taste or was my wheat gluten bad.I got bulk gluten from a small health food store.Or was it just this recipie.I am afraid to try other seitan recipies incase i have the same result.Please reply.You don't have to post this. you can email me at