Saturday, July 19, 2008

Vegan Dad on the Road: Govinda's

Just a brief post about my lunch trip today to Govinda's. I got the chicken cheese steak sandwich (or something to that effect) and a root beer. The taste was pretty good, though nothing exceptional. I certainly enjoyed the fact that it was close to where the conference was being held, but the service was really, really slow. The cooks kept screwing up peoples' orders which just made things even slower. I ate outside on a very rickety table, preferring the fresh air to the cramped quarters and rather dingy decor inside. Still, I think I will go back once more before this research trip is over just to enjoy the experience and convenience of eating at an all veggie restaurant.


Dan said...

where was this? i assume it was mock chicken? :)

Vegan Dad said...

Govinda's is on Broad and South street in Philadelphia. Yes, it is mock chicken made of seitan. They don't bother coming up with clever names for the meat, but explain on the menu that it is gluten-based.

Melanie said...

When you go back, make sure you go upstairs to the sit down restaurant part!!

Cyn said...

Have you been to Gianna's? They also make a great vegan cheesesteak. I recommend the Freebird Italiano with broccoli rabe.

Binx said...

I totally agree with you in that this place is special. I mean, it's cool that it exists and it certainly is convenient, but I think it's overpriced and the service is horrible. Plus i'm pretty sure they just use May Wah fake meat:

Steer clear of Gianna's, no matter what anyone says: this is also overpriced, processed "vegan" crap (think GimmeLean on a roll and super greasy fries). Govinda's is waaaaay better that Gianna's.

Michelle said...

OMG, I MISS Govindas! We used to live on South! (above the Health Food store that is probably LONG gone now) It was late 80s/early 90s during and following college. Man that was pretty awesome food, 3 bucks for the buffet, and the bookstore next door was also fun..

Latayy said...

That looks good
was it rubbery?
I made some moussaka today you can check it out if you like

Vegan Dad said...

the texture was pretty good, not too rubbery or tough.

I did not realize there was an upstairs. Will hit that this week.

Agreed about Gianna's. I ate there last time I was in Philly for a conference and I found their vegan cheesesteak very unappealing. I wasn't sure what the "steak" part was, actually.

VeganLinda said...

The problem with cooking a lot at home and liking to cook is that eating out quite often becomes a disappointment. I know when I am in a groove cooking at home, I can't stand most of what I eat out. :-)