Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Brooklyn vs. Boston Creme Cupcakes

Tonight the boys and I made cupcakes. (Mom, if you are reading this, we are holiday baking/class party mode. We usually don't make this many desserts) I have wanted to make these cupcakes since I got Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World but have never been able to find the agar powder the recipe calls for. And the chances of finding it here in northern Ontario are pretty much nil. So, I improvised. I substituted 1 tbsp of cornstarch for the agar (and still kept the arrowroot powder), and used firm tofu. I blended everything in a saucepan with an immersion blender, then whisked it over medium heat until it thickened. Once cooled, I piped it into the cupcakes as directed. I am not sure what the real version is supposed to be like, but this was pretty tasty.