Saturday, December 22, 2007

Happy Holidays from Vegan Dad

Vegan Family and I are going to be hither and yon until the New Year, visiting family and friends, giving and receiving loot, and spreading vegan holiday cheer wherever we go. That means I won't be posting much, if anything, until the New Year since I will be serving up the holiday stew, cranberry glazed tofu, and cookies that I worked on this month. I will largely be serving it to myself since my parents, who have made made many dietary changes since I became vegan (like eliminating dairy), still feel the need to haul out large slabs of meat every time the family gets together. Kudos to my Mom, though, who will no longer eat meat when we come after Son #1 burst into tears at the sight of the Thanksgiving turkey and told everyone to "let the turkeys live!" From the mouth of babes . . . .

I will also be in D.C. for a conference, so if anyone has recommendations on where to eat I am all ears.

Happy holidays to you all!