Saturday, June 7, 2008

Bake Sale Success!

I am back from the street fair and am utterly exhausted. But, I am happy to report that my bake table was a complete success and I made about $220 for the school. The lemon currant rolls were the biggest hit and sold out in about 15 minutes, followed by the rustic bread and whole wheat bread. The baguettes were also a great seller. Surprisingly, the white bread was almost last to go. Of course, people didn't realize that that bread took three days to make with various fermentations, so maybe I need to come up with a sexier name for it next time. The only thing left were about a dozen hamburger buns. The pic above is everything in my kitchen before I hauled it over to the street fair.

Many people asked where my bakery was, and if I was going to do this on a regular basis. I think I might just start a very small business on the side for those interested. A few loaves a week, perhaps. I will see who is interested and go from there. Maybe I can work an ordering system into this blog.

Anyway, I am off to the lake to relax and enjoy the gorgeous weather.