Sunday, June 22, 2008

From the Vegan Dad Test Kitchen

A few days ago Teresa asked if there was any way to make the seitan in the chicken wingz a little less chewy (or did she say rubbery?). Then, Happy Herbivore dubbed me the Seitan King (which sounds vaguely evil). Then, a reader from the UK mentioned that she could not get vital wheat gluten anywhere. All of this to say that I have been messing around with an old school seitan--one made by kneading dough in water to release the starch. I am trying to create a seitan that is tender but also white like chicken to sway even the most die-hard omnivore (you may know some of these). Above is a trial run of the new seitan made into a sweet and sticky chicken wing. It was pretty good. I think the recipe would also make good chick'n strips (say goodbye to Yves). More to come later.