Tuesday, June 24, 2008

A Cookbook, of Sorts

I have already begun working on my Christmas gifts for this year--the plan is to make a Vegan Dad cookbook to give to friends and family (well, there goes the element of surprise). Some of you have expressed an interest in a cookbook so you don't have to keep dragging your laptop into the kitchen, or keep printing off pages of recipes, so I thought I would see how much interest there would be in a Vegan Dad cookbook. Now, keep in mind this would be totally homemade, designed by me and printed off at some local copy center, and would pretty much be the recipes already on the blog. I would like to do colour prints on nice paper stock, and spiral bound seems to make the most sense (easier to keep open on the counter top). I would have to investigate price of printing and mailing, so this is all theoretical at the moment. If you are interested (or not), please click an answer on the poll near the top of the right column. Any general comments or questions can be emailed to me at vegandadDOTblogspotATgmailDOTcom.