Sunday, July 27, 2008

On Code Reds, a Good Read, and Coming Home

I am home! After a two hour delay in Toronto due to two Code Red shutdowns (read: lightning storms), I have finally returned to the northland. Ahhhh. The weather is a nice change from hot and humid Philadelphia, though I am sure I will miss the perks of the big city soon enough. I spent my time in the airport reading--I already had a 3 hour layover, so the additional delays just added to my pain. I purchased Tristram Stuart's The Bloodless Revolution and got through about half of it. It is a British history of vegetarianism and charts how Hinduism and contact with Asia challenged Anglo notions of food and diet. It is a fascinating look at how the clash of eastern values of non-violence and Christian ideas of dominance shaped British culture from the 1600s to modern times.

We are having a banner year for raspberries, and are even getting some wild blueberries--we would get more if some animal wasn't getting to them first. I picked some this morning and promptly made pancakes.