Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Roasted Corn on the Cob

I have never had roasted corn in my life so I am not sure if this is the preferred method, but it worked out very well for me. Local corn is in season now and the kernels are tender and very sweet. Roasting only amplifies the sweetness. And, if you are a corn-roasting expert, let me know your method.

- corn cobs, husk on

Preheat BBQ to 500 degrees
1. Trim top tassells and soak corn in a sink if water for 20 mins.
2. Roast on the BBQ for 25 -30 mins, turning every 5 mins, and rotating cobs if your BBQ has hot spots. The husks will be pretty black by the end, but you want to make sure you don't burn the corn underneath.
3. Remove corn from grill and let cool for 5 mins. Remove husks and serve.

Here are the cobs after 1 turn. The real trick is getting the husks off the hot cobs. I held them with an oven mitt and peeled off the husks with a set of tongs.