Thursday, February 25, 2010

English Muffins: Baking Through the Bread Baker's Apprentice

I am munching on one of these right now, slathered with the strawberry jam I made this summer (the jam is on the muffin, not me). I have made these before, but after some practice I think I have them perfect now. The trick is to make a wettest dough you can without it being sticky. This will give the muffin a nice tender and holey structure.

1. I always double the recipe so I can make a dozen. No point going to all that work for 6 muffins that the kids would down in one sitting.
2. As mentioned above, aim for a wet dough without it being sticky. You need to shape it without it sticking to your hands. I used the full amount of liquid listed and kneaded it in a stand mixer.
3. I like to press the boules into puck shapes so they are flatter and cook more evenly.
4. I use a cast-iron flat skillet to cook these. Monitor the temperature carefully to make sure the muffins do not burn. Adjust as needed.
5. When the muffins rise, they round slightly on the top side. Cook the top side first, and gently press down on the muffin with your fingers once in the skillet to flatten it out a bit.

1. I subbed plain soy milk for the milk.