Sunday, March 16, 2008

French Toast

Another recipe from Sunday brunch today. I made this one up on the spot in an attempt to use up the Italian loaf I bought earlier this week, and then promptly forgot about, and which has been getting staler by the day. I have made French toast before with chickpea flour, but I always thought it had a weird taste (I know, I am a total wuss). This recipe worked out pretty well, I think, but would be interested in what recipes other people have used.

- 8-10 thick slices of stale bread
- 1 cup silken tofu
- 1/2 cup vanilla soy milk
- 1/2 cup soy creamer
- 1/4 cup arrowroot powder
- 2 tbsp brown sugar
- 2 tbsp white sugar
- 2 tsp vanilla
- 1 tsp cinnamon
- 1/4 tsp nutmeg

Heat a griddle over med-lo heat
1. Blend all ingredients (except bread, of course) in a food processor or blender until very smooth. Pour into a shallow dish.
2. Dip bread into mixture, coating both sides and letting excess drain off. Place into lightly oiled (margarined?) non-stick pan and fry for 5-6 mins, flipping every 1-2 mins. The trick here is to not let the sugar in the batter burn, but to cook it long enough for the toast to firm up. Once firm to the touch, remove from pan and serve.


Anonymous said...

hi! Where would I find soy creamer???

Vegan Dad said...

Well, that depends where you live. It could be as easy as a trip to you local Whole Foods store.

Jen said...

Our favorite french toast recipe came from "Vegan Family Favorites" by Erin Pavlina, titled, "Delilah's Favorite French Toast." The recipe is:

1/4 cup almond butter (sometimes we use peanut butter depending on pantry availability)
2/3 cup plain or vanilla non dairy milk
1 tsp cinnamon

Add all ingredients to a small blender (we have a magic bullet) or whisk by hand until blended. Dip your bread in the dip and fry on the griddle as usual. I love the nut butter addition. It's not like traditional french toast "used to be" but it's different and very good. Kids love it, too. Good luck with whatever you find!

Katie said...

That looks awesome! I made french toast this weekend too! My secret is using cinnamon swirl bread and it makes the best french toast ever. I use the recipe from vegan farm cookbook.

You just create a slightly thin batter - 1 c soymilk, a few tbsp of flour, nutritional yeast, cinnamon, salt and a little sugar. Then I cook it in earth balance...can't go wrong. I have surprised many a non-vegan guest.

Anonymous said...

Well, I live in ontario canada in a smaller town that doesn't have a whole foods or anything of the sort.

Thank you

Vegan Dad said...

Anon: Yes, well here is where is gets trickier. The Sobeys here carries it, along with a bunch of other non-dairy products. I have also seen it at Zehrs and Loblaws. It is made by Silk, so ask you local grocer if they will get some in for you. If you can't get it, no biggie--just use all soy milk for the recipe.

Coppe said...

Mmm... I now desperately want to make French Toast. It looks really good.

Veggie said...

It's such a great way to use up stale Italian bread. We made the Fronch Bread from WwaV and we were pleasantly surprised with the result. said...

i think you've made this MUCH harder than you had to! all those strange ingredients are difficult to find in a small town like mine.

my (super-easy) recipe is:
1 banana
1 cup soymilk (rice, almond, hemp...)
1 tablespoon ground flax seed

simply blend well and coat bread. it has a soft, almost creamy middle with a crisp coating. as i've said, i cook 100 percent for omnis. if they loved it...

Vegan Dad said...
You are right. This was an experiment that worked well but was needlessly complex. I now do a recipe very similar to yours--look for the brunch skewers post.