Saturday, August 30, 2008

Meat-Free Lunches for the Kids

You no doubt have heard by now of the listeriosis outbreak in Canada which has killed 10 people to date. The source: Maple Leaf meat products. The company has now recalled dozens of its products, and with school to start soon, some are wondering what to pack in the kids' lunches. The logical choice would be peanut butter, but most schools (if not all) in Ontario have banned nuts due to allergy concerns. So, what's left? Your best resource is Vegan Lunch Box (also a great cookbook) which is teeming with great meat-free lunch ideas. And, even though this blog is mainly about dinner, I do have a few recipes as well:

1. Veggie Lunch Meat: Homemade is cheaper and tastier, I think.
2. Eggless Salad: my kids absolutely love it. They even request it!
3. Tunori: a great replacement for tuna salad.
4. Hearty Tomato Soup: crack out the Thermos for a rich soup.