Sunday, November 11, 2007

In Pursuit of the Perfect Burger

Wow, it's like some crazy post-fest this weekend! You gotta love Vegan MoFo! Anyway, the boys wanted burgers tonight for dinner, so I thought I would try to create some out of TVP. I had good success with making TVP sausage patties, which I posted here back in September. So, I used essentially the same recipe but added more herbs like sage and parsley, about a tsp of soy sauce, and upped the gluten flour to 2 tbsp. I kept the patties thin (the recipe made 4) and fried them in a bit of oil.

OK, so the end result tasted great, looked great (the pic is of an uncooked patty) and the boys loved them (so maybe I should be happy). But, the texture was all wrong--mushy. So, I am soliciting any advice on how to achieve a more "meat-like" texture. A little help here?