Monday, March 17, 2008

A Foodless Post

One of the problems with having a blog is you rarely get a chance to relive old recipes because you always feel like you need to make something new. Tonight Vegan Mom made Tofurky Tettrazini because the kids love it and it is easy and tasty. So, tonight I thought I would do this survey thing that two people have tagged me to do. The point is to relate 5 things about you, then tag 5 people to do the same.

1. I have dual citizenship. I was born in the U.S. but have lived most of my life in Ontario, Canada. I consider myself Canadian, except when I cross the border. Then I wear red, white and blue, set my cell-phone to play “America the Beautiful” when it rings, wave my birth certificate at them, and get waved right through.

2. I went to school for 25 years straight. Of course, I got my PhD in the end, but when you think about being in school from age 5 to 30 it sounds kind of crazy. I didn’t get my first “real job” until I was 32. Awesome.

3. I am not cool. I have tried to be cool, wished I was cool, sometimes deluded myself into thinking I was cool, but never have obtained coolness. When people describe me, cool is not one of the adjectives they use. Punctual? Yes. Cool? No.

4. I love ABBA. (See #3)

5. I live a remarkably clean life. I have never been drunk; ingested, shot up, or smoked any controlled or illicit substance; or done anything remotely criminal. (See #3)

I am tagging: Two Vegan Sisters, Vegan Family Dinners, The Happy Herbivore, Veganalects, and Something About Penguins. I was going to tag Isa, but then totally chickened out.