Sunday, May 4, 2008

BBQ Bananas

Today I got the idea to BBQ bananas. A quick Google search revealed that my brain wave was far from original. Oh well. But, I figured that since grilling fruit (pineapple, peaches) makes it sweeter and tastier, why not try bananas? I also figured that topping them with some caramel sauce would be pretty good. The boys then suggested that caramel and chocolate would be even better. The jury is still out on the final product. The taste was good, but my brain got confused when it recognized banana taste but not typical banana texture and temperature. Sons #1 and #2 ate half of their bananas but slyly downed all their chocolate and caramel, while Son #3 ate all of his plus the extras his brothers left behind.

- 4 large ripe bananas
- chocolate sauce

1. Grill bananas, skins on, for 8-10 mins over a medium hot grill until skins are blackened.
2. Remove bananas from skins, slice in half, and top with caramel and chocolate sauce.