Saturday, May 17, 2008

Holiday Weekend and Google Reader

This is a holiday weekend here in Canada--Monday is Victoria Day in honour of Queen Victoria's birthday who was the monarch when Canada confederated on 1 July 1867. Of course, nobody thinks much about the Queen any more these days and the holiday has now become colloquially known as the "May 2-4 weekend," in honour of the 24 bottles sold in a standard case of beer. This is a weekend for heading up to the cottage, quaffing brewskis, and maybe jumping in the lake for a freezing cold swim before fighting the traffic home to start work again on Tuesday. We are staying home since the boys are recovering from a stomach flu. It is also raining. Bummer. But, it leaves time to do some baking.

I also just discovered Google Reader. I am probably the last one. Boy, does it make checking up on my favourite blogs a whole lot easier! Check it out if you find your blogroll getting long and unruly.